Annie Nyle Photography is owned and founded by Liliya Zakusilo. A true hopeless romantic that has an addiction to coffee. Liliya was born and raised in Ukraine and is fluent in Russian. Her family immigrated to America in 1991 where Tennessee was her home. Growing up in the southern part of country, she has a southern heart and calls everyone sir and ma'am to her husband's dismay. She married her husband in 2002 after only knowing him for 6 months and is a true believer in love at first sight and that love is blind. She has been blessed with two children who have been constantly tortured to be her models. Her daughter has grown to love the art of photography and begs to go to photo sessions with her. As a family they love to be outdoors and on good warm days they can be found at the local lake fishing, canoeing, or hiking along with a nice cup of coffee in hand for Liliya. Liliya also works as a Labor/Delivery nurse at one of the local hospital where she enjoys being a coach and support for families welcoming their little ones into the world. Liliya also enjoys a good book to read, she enjoys to be warm, and misses summer days, however, with any good snow fall, you will see her outdoors building a snowman with her children or trying to get her husband with snow balls. She has been residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania for the last 5 years, after living Texas for a short time. Even though the Northeast has been her home for  a total of thirteen years, her heart belongs in the South where she imagines sitting on the front porch of her house in a rocking chair drinking sweet ice tea or coffee. 

Liliya's photography journey started at a young age when she always dreamed of having a camera with a never ending film…and then came the digital age. Her dreams have been answered and upon a request of a family member, her first gig was a wedding and that's where it all began. She's been making memories for people since 2006.  Liliya loves to tell a story with her pictures. She aims to capture life's little moments weather it be in the first few days of a newborn, a day in your family's life, or the celebration of your lifetime. She would love to meet you and your family and become your friend and its always hard on her to pass up an offer for a coffee date.  

The name Annie Nyle originated from a long time ago when AOL was the best thing on earth and dial up internet was parents' worst nightmare. It was a user name that Liliya used back then since most people can not remember the correct spelling or how to pronounce it . Since starting her photography journey,  Annie Nyle continues to be her alias name. 

Annie Nyle Photography by Liliya Zakusilo (owner and founder)