Katherine and Maks Wedding

Maks and Katia - Hunting Hill Mansion

I sat down with Katia at a coffee house a few months back. I haven't seen her in quite some time and we connected over similar interests such as nursing school and trying to figure out how we are related. We were meeting to discuss wedding plans and I asked Katia “So tell me about your fiancé” Her eyes started to twinkle and her face beamed with pure love as she started telling me how they met. Every time she would mention Maks her smile was a bit brighter. We agreed to have the engagement session in the fall. We were both hoping for a nice crisp evening glow of orange and yellow leaves, however, Pennsylvania weather had other plans. The day was not cold at all, and it had rained prior to the session. The air was quite misty however it only added to the whimsical atmosphere. I suspected no less and as soon as I saw them step out of the car, I could see their love radiate towards each other. The session was quite lovely. It was so much fun to photograph them and capture their natural characteristics and to capture these moments for them.

Fall Session at Curtis Arboretum

It was a beautiful November evening in Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect with enough crispness in the air however, the sun was warm enough to shine warmly. The fall leaves were at the peak of their rich hues of orange, yellow and red. I met this family at Curtis Arboretum and it was so fun to capture this adorable family. Their little one, skipped her nap until it was time to go for the session and decided to cat nap on the way to session. Now, if you've ever had a toddler at home, skipping naps and cat naps usually doesn't end well...well...this one proved to everyone it wasn't a cat nap it was her beauty sleep and that she was ready to take on the session with lots of smiles, giggles, high fives, and my most favorite fist bumps. This session was so much fun. 

Happy Birthday Savannah

I was so happy to meet this sweet family early this month. They were just as ready for fall as I was. Initially we planned for an outdoor session, but since fall is an upredicatable month season, and it was on the cold and very windy side we decided to have the session inside. Either way, it was such a joy to photograph Savannah and her sister. We even, stepped outside for a few family pictures with mom and dad. Enjoy the fall colors. 

Woodward Family Session

As my kids get older, I am appreciating those younger years I had with them. During those years, of toddlerhood and preschool aged children, everything seemed as it was never going to end. This is when coffee begins to be a part of necessesity to survive mornings. It is also when to a toddler the "stop" means "let's see how much I can go further before mom really means stop". Those days came and left so quickly. When I photograph families, I always try to remind them that this is only a short season, and not too far out in the near future, you will go back and cherish those little moments of chaos. It might not seem like it at the moment. I have seen this famliy grow, and those children turn from babies to toddler to preschool aged children. They are full of energy, adventure, and laughter. And those are the moments that I miss. The Woodward family is beautiful and it was so much fun to capture those little moments. 


Heavenly Peace

As I sit here and reflect on the past year, with the christmas tree all decorated, music playing in the background and the purring of our cat under the piano, I can not be in awe of the past year. Many trials and accomplishments have been made. Memories have been stored in my heart. As the year is coming to a wrap, and Christmas quickly approaching sometimes its easy to loose the focus of happiness and joy. I keep looking back at my all time favorite portrait that I took a few days ago, and feel instant peace. This my friends is what happiness and joy is all about. LOVE. Pure delightful love. The picture in itself speaks volumes to me and I keep going back and looking at this image of the representation it has. The newborn asleep in the mother's arms and the father loving holding both the baby's and the mother's arm. Our Heavenly Father also holds us in our arms, so we can have the peace, the joy and the love as this little baby sleeps. Peace. Joy, Love, Happiness. This is what this year has been about. Its been falling into my Heavenly Father's arms to the find that peace and be filled with love. Merry Christmas.


All the boys....Newborn

A little bit ago, my former co-worker and charge nurse texted me to see if I could photograph her little baby. I was beyond excited, and said yes. I haven't seen Christy in a few months due a job change for me and I couldn't wait to see her again, and now with a new addition. The baby boy joined his sibling brothers. Even though he is the youngest, I have a feeling he will not let the older ones boss him around too much. In the mean team, this sweet child slept through the whole session and tolerated being passed around by all his brothers. I hope all four brothers grow up together loving each other, sharing toys, and being the four musketeers. (I know there are only three of them). I grew up with three brothers, and they honestly were the best brothers anyone could ask for. The four of us made so many memories that I still cherish to this day.  Welcome to the world Baby "B". 

Family Session at Longwood Gardens

Getting to this family session was slightly difficult due to spilt coffee. I happened to work the night before at my nursing job, and made myself a fresh cup of strong coffee to drink on the way to the session. While driving down a windy road, I somehow managed to spill the coffee all over my lap. The worse felling in the world is feeling coffee seep underneath your bottom . Anyway, the start of the session lead to very uncomfortable jeans, and a lesson to always carry an extra outfit for a just in case moment. Regardless of my bumpy start, the session went off without any more glitches and we managed to capture this family of 2 very active boys. The smell of coffee stuck with me until I was able to change a few hours later. Longwood Gardens is one amazing place to take pictures. Its ever green and always blooming flowers always cheer up the winter blues and its always so warm.  It's a perfect place for the kids to explore and to capture their true personalities. 

Springton Manor Generation Family Session

October is always a beautiful time of the year in Chester County. I love the crisp air,  the fall foliage and the crunch of leaves underneath my feet. A had the pleasure of photographing this awesome family in the midst of the peak of it all. Karen was a coworker from when I worked as a labor/delivery nurse at the hospital. She wanted to capture her whole family. It was so nice to meet her outside at Springton Manor along with her brother's family and her parents. I absolutely loved photographing them and getting to know them. At one point I heard the following comment "Your as beautiful as a fresh baked apple pie". I came home and told my husband he can compliment me like that any time. I've been craving a fresh baked apple pie ever since. This is what fall is all about in Chester County of the good ole PA.


I absolutely love generation pictures and love that these grandparents were blessed so richly with such amazing grandchildren.

I absolutely love generation pictures and love that these grandparents were blessed so richly with such amazing grandchildren.


First Post

Here I am sitting behind my computer anxiously awaiting the news from my brother about the new addition to our family. Its exciting and most nerve wrecking experience, and here I am the aunt, 800 miles away pacing the floors. I figured I might as well get some work done and update my blog slowly but surely. This is going to be work in progress as I try and blog all my recent and not so recent work so that you may see my work a little bit better and my style of photography. 


This session was taken back in October on a chilly Saturday afternoon. I was able to meet this family at their home and take pictures right on the front steps of their beautiful house. They had everything nicely decorated for the fall season. The children were a delight to work with and were both quite helpful when I needed an extra hand at moving some equipment around. They were also quite funny and I enjoyed photographing this family and capturing their true sprit.