Family Session at Longwood Gardens

Getting to this family session was slightly difficult due to spilt coffee. I happened to work the night before at my nursing job, and made myself a fresh cup of strong coffee to drink on the way to the session. While driving down a windy road, I somehow managed to spill the coffee all over my lap. The worse felling in the world is feeling coffee seep underneath your bottom . Anyway, the start of the session lead to very uncomfortable jeans, and a lesson to always carry an extra outfit for a just in case moment. Regardless of my bumpy start, the session went off without any more glitches and we managed to capture this family of 2 very active boys. The smell of coffee stuck with me until I was able to change a few hours later. Longwood Gardens is one amazing place to take pictures. Its ever green and always blooming flowers always cheer up the winter blues and its always so warm.  It's a perfect place for the kids to explore and to capture their true personalities.