Heavenly Peace

As I sit here and reflect on the past year, with the christmas tree all decorated, music playing in the background and the purring of our cat under the piano, I can not be in awe of the past year. Many trials and accomplishments have been made. Memories have been stored in my heart. As the year is coming to a wrap, and Christmas quickly approaching sometimes its easy to loose the focus of happiness and joy. I keep looking back at my all time favorite portrait that I took a few days ago, and feel instant peace. This my friends is what happiness and joy is all about. LOVE. Pure delightful love. The picture in itself speaks volumes to me and I keep going back and looking at this image of the representation it has. The newborn asleep in the mother's arms and the father loving holding both the baby's and the mother's arm. Our Heavenly Father also holds us in our arms, so we can have the peace, the joy and the love as this little baby sleeps. Peace. Joy, Love, Happiness. This is what this year has been about. Its been falling into my Heavenly Father's arms to the find that peace and be filled with love. Merry Christmas.