All the boys....Newborn

A little bit ago, my former co-worker and charge nurse texted me to see if I could photograph her little baby. I was beyond excited, and said yes. I haven't seen Christy in a few months due a job change for me and I couldn't wait to see her again, and now with a new addition. The baby boy joined his sibling brothers. Even though he is the youngest, I have a feeling he will not let the older ones boss him around too much. In the mean team, this sweet child slept through the whole session and tolerated being passed around by all his brothers. I hope all four brothers grow up together loving each other, sharing toys, and being the four musketeers. (I know there are only three of them). I grew up with three brothers, and they honestly were the best brothers anyone could ask for. The four of us made so many memories that I still cherish to this day.  Welcome to the world Baby "B".