Woodward Family Session

As my kids get older, I am appreciating those younger years I had with them. During those years, of toddlerhood and preschool aged children, everything seemed as it was never going to end. This is when coffee begins to be a part of necessesity to survive mornings. It is also when to a toddler the "stop" means "let's see how much I can go further before mom really means stop". Those days came and left so quickly. When I photograph families, I always try to remind them that this is only a short season, and not too far out in the near future, you will go back and cherish those little moments of chaos. It might not seem like it at the moment. I have seen this famliy grow, and those children turn from babies to toddler to preschool aged children. They are full of energy, adventure, and laughter. And those are the moments that I miss. The Woodward family is beautiful and it was so much fun to capture those little moments.