Fall Session at Curtis Arboretum

It was a beautiful November evening in Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect with enough crispness in the air however, the sun was warm enough to shine warmly. The fall leaves were at the peak of their rich hues of orange, yellow and red. I met this family at Curtis Arboretum and it was so fun to capture this adorable family. Their little one, skipped her nap until it was time to go for the session and decided to cat nap on the way to session. Now, if you've ever had a toddler at home, skipping naps and cat naps usually doesn't end well...well...this one proved to everyone it wasn't a cat nap it was her beauty sleep and that she was ready to take on the session with lots of smiles, giggles, high fives, and my most favorite fist bumps. This session was so much fun.