Maks and Katia - Hunting Hill Mansion

I sat down with Katia at a coffee house a few months back. I haven't seen her in quite some time and we connected over similar interests such as nursing school and trying to figure out how we are related. We were meeting to discuss wedding plans and I asked Katia “So tell me about your fiancé” Her eyes started to twinkle and her face beamed with pure love as she started telling me how they met. Every time she would mention Maks her smile was a bit brighter. We agreed to have the engagement session in the fall. We were both hoping for a nice crisp evening glow of orange and yellow leaves, however, Pennsylvania weather had other plans. The day was not cold at all, and it had rained prior to the session. The air was quite misty however it only added to the whimsical atmosphere. I suspected no less and as soon as I saw them step out of the car, I could see their love radiate towards each other. The session was quite lovely. It was so much fun to photograph them and capture their natural characteristics and to capture these moments for them.